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COVID-19 Upends Traditional HR Hiring, Interviewing Norms

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced human resources departments to quickly adjust to a new remote reality when it comes to interviewing and hiring for jobs. So reports TechRepublic, citing a recent worldwide survey.

corona 4893276 640 smallTalview, a technology-focused HR company, reveals that 80% of survey respondents have shifted their interviewing and hiring practices to 100% remote. The remote hiring trends for 2021 survey polled companies in more than 20 countries and spanning 15 industries. 

The top positions for remote hiring, according to the survey, include technical/engineering (60.1%), management (54.5%), sales and marketing (51%), operations and finance (49%) and HR (39.2%).

Some companies have ditched background checks and drug screenings and have reduced their travel cost as they search out candidates on a much wider field remotely.

Read the full article from TechRepublic.

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