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Asset Managers Get Failing Grade On Gender Diversity

Researching investments that put a premium on gender diversity is considered by less than 50% of asset managers. This undermines the industry’s call for more women in leadership roles. So reports Bloomberg, citing pension consultant Redington.

woman 2773007 1920Only about 47% of asset managers take seriously the gender makeup of the companies they invest in, Redington learned from a poll of 100 global asset managers that oversee $10 trillion in assets under management. And within their own ranks, about 66% of asset managers have investment teams comprised of less than 25% women.

“While our research clearly shows that many asset managers understand the importance of better gender diversity and are taking steps to measure and monitor it, we are seeing a very mixed picture of how this translates to team structures and decision-making,” Nick Samuels, head of manager research at Redington, wrote in the research.

Read the full article from Bloomberg.

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